The Zoo




Would you like to go to the Zoo,
To see the big Kangaroo.
And hear the buffalo moo
The goats all in a to do.


See the monkey playing tricks,
Smoking a cigar and picking up sticks.
See the bear with its nose up in the air,
Dancing here, and prancing there.


The crocodile swimming in the water,
With its nasty son and daughter,
The keeper comes with tasty fishes
He also throws some delicious dishes.


The animal big that scares us,
Is the big horned rhinoceros.
The biggest animal that makes the most fuss,
Is the big flat-nosed hippopotamus.


The elephant with its long swaying trunks,
And also the black and white smelly skunk.
The white fluffy rabbits munching carrots,
And the talkative multicoloured parrots.

Mridula Sen
Class VI

Sports Day - Platter Race.