Photographs of Kurseong - 2001



A group of photographs taken by me in Kurseong in October and November, 2001

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Kurseong Railway Station. It now has a room converted into a museum dedicated to the DHR. The display includes a "doohly" supposedly used by the Queen of the Belgium's in the early 1900s or late 1890s.  
 On weekends this mobile Police Traffic Island is moved from close to the railway station to the middle of the road. Girl Guides and Boy Scouts "man" the cubicle and control all the road traffic.  
 Eagle Crag. This has now been made into a monument to the Gurkha and other soldiers killed in the war with China. It also holds the TV and Radio Towers. There is a tourist look-out tower. The whole area is very popular. And has great views down to the plains, weather permitting. The airport at Bagdogra is also clearly visible, down on the plains.  
The road down into Kurseong. Just down on the left, all vehicles have to take the road to the left as the road straight on has been made one way, coming up.  
The Plaza Cinema
 The Plaza Cinema. My wife, Helma standing in front. While we were there it was rumoured that it had been forfeited because of unpaid back-taxes. But it opened before we left. There was also a pop dance held there one evening.  

Taken from the Tourist Lodge. Students by the hundreds, every school day, walk up past the Lodge, on their way to the many schools that have sprung up in Kurseong.

The students are all dressed immaculately, and are a credit to their schools.


The photos from here on down were all taken on our way from Kurseog down to Bagdogra. I had insisted that I didn't want to go down via the Pankabari Road, just so that we could travel alongside the railway track.

This shot is of Kurseong

Kurseong again....

These shots were taken when we got to Pagla Jhora.

This one is looking down into the valley below.

Views from Pagla Jhora.
Pagla Jhora taken from the moving taxi.
Pagla Jhora, looking up.
View from Pagla Jhora, looking down. Note the railway track sleepers at my feet
Views from Pagla Jhora, looking down.
Views from Pagla Jhora, looking down. Note the man walking alng between the tracks.
Another view of the area around Pagla Jhora.  

The entrance to Sinclair's Hotel in Siliguri.

A very nice hotel, the best that we had seen in the District.

The photo is blurred because the taxi was moving at the time.

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